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"Admissions are open for 2014-15 Batch"

It is an innovative and forward looking business school. HSB believes in teaching with motto: 'Academics to market' and ‘market to academics’. This helps students to think independently, gain functional knowledge, in turn develop scientific out-look with social maturity to meet the local and global challenges. We create strong ‘faculty-student’, 'mentor-mentee’ relationship and groom the students to take up the challenges for prospective future and this will be a unique and utmost feature of us. HSB aims at contributing towards the students entrepreneurial thinking, world class academics and vibrant student life.

Market centric - education
Grooming students to become self reliant
Creating, developing and strengthening the passion to learn for success
Create continuous learning through variety of learning
approaches and evaluative mechanisms

To be the number one and the most respectable Business School with world class quality education for leadership.’
Application of unparalleled intellectual resources to educate students to become world class leaders.
Olive tree grows in no matter what the conditions: Hot, dry, cold, wet, rocky or sandy, the evergreen Olive tree will live and produce fruits. Thrive in great heat with a minimum of water. It is virtually indestructible Olive trees are comforting and is a faithful promise which promises in growing again from its roots. Root and Trunk support the branches and viceversa.Olive tree can never be killed, even when cut down or burned, new shoots will still grow from its roots The Olive tree is the same yesterday,today,and forever. Olive tree symbolizes peace and victory. The branches can be broken off only temporarily and these branches can be grafted back in at any time it also symbolizes not only winners remain winners but also a winner is made out of a common person. The responsibility of the tree in taking care of the branches is said to be the final result in freedom and growth in the grace and knowledge. The whole process of this tree indicates worship towards knowledge and wisdom of life.
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