Guest Lectures

  • Mr. Arunn Bhagavathula

    Guest Lecture on "How to Think out of the Box" by Mr. Arunn Bhagavathula Founder CEO of Man Hunt Consultancy

  • Mr.A.M Rao

    Workshop on “EMERGING TRENDS IN RECESSION PERIOD” by Mr.A.M Rao,Vice-President,HR ,Satyam Venture Engineering.

  • Mr.Vikram Raji Reddy

    Guest Lecture on "TOYOTA WAY" by Mr.Vikram Raji Reddy,Manager,Production,TOYOTA Inc,Australia.

  • Mr. M.Ramchander

    Guest lecture on "RETAIL MANAGEMENT" by Mr. M.Ramchander,Vice President,HR, Reliance Industries.

  • Mr. Rammohan

    Workshop on "Corporate Etiquettes" by Mr. Rammohan, Corporate Trainer.

  • Mr.Naveen

    Guest Lecture on Recent Trends in Financial Services" by Mr.Naveen, Charted Accountant Hyderabad.

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