• Dean

Message from Dean



At Hyderabad School of Business, we strive produce future leaders who are innovative, flexible and extremely competent in using business tools and concepts whilst drawing on their understanding of the real world and global awareness.

All of these ideas are embodied in our school, our programs and our ethos:

  • We pride ourselves on offering a first-class educational experience, benefitting from the talents of our extremely qualified faculty, whilst continuing to be pioneers at the forefront of business education, innovation and technology.
  • We believe very strongly in interactive and engaged learning methodologies, taking part in simulations and engaging with business practitioners, evidence-based practices and informed by research, direct our learning and teaching.
  • The school has achieved impressive growth over the last decade in terms of its various academic related initiatives.
  • The activities of the students are spread out in such a way that there is skill building in the Conceptual, application and analytical front.
  • Our programs enable our students to gain a competitive edge in their careers, At Hyderabad School of Business, we offer you extraordinary opportunities to interact with global business leaders and thinkers, and make deep and lasting connections with your peers from around the world.
  • Our goal is to challenge, disrupt, inspire and empower you to be the best you can be, and to achieve whatever you aspire to achieve. If all of this resonates with you, if you are passionate about a successful career in business, please visit us.
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